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Property insurance

What is Property insurance?

The purpose of property insurance is to protect property possessions of natural or legal person, regardless of whether they are owners, users, or only tenants. Subject of insurance can be:



Special property

Insurance cover

Property insurance offers various packages of covered risks, in addition to standard insurance packages, you can insure only the realties or your personal property. Insurance companies in Bulgaria offer different coverage levels suitable to your needs and requirements, such as:

Main insurance covers

Additional covered risks

Forming the price

The price of Property insurance is determined by several factors:

Payment in the event of loss

In the event of loss, the insurance company may pay the compensation within 15 working days after submission of all required documents.
In occurrence of the event insured inform your insurance broker to assist you. In case of certain events immediately notify the necessary government authorities – by fire and flood „Fire Safety and Civil Protection“, by theft and robbery – Regional Police Department.

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