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Motor Third Party Liability insurance

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About Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

The liability limits under which you conclude your insurance policy are predetermined in the Insurance Code. When determining these limits, the type of damage and the number of injured persons are taken into account. Because of the framework laid down in the law - these limits are the same across all insurance companies.

Liability limits (amounts)

The liability limits under which you conclude your insurance policy are predetermined in the Insurance Code. When determining these limits, the type of damage and the number of injured persons are taken into account. Because of the framework laid down in the law - these limits are the same across all insurance companies.

The liability limit is the maximum monetary amount up to which the insurer will cover possible claims under your policy.

In accordance to Article 492 of the Insurance Code in force from 07.12.2018, the mandatory minimum sums (limits) for each occurrence are as follows:

- for property damage BGN 2 100 000 for each occurrence/accident, regardless of the number of injured individuals;

- for property and non-property damage resulting from physical injury or death:

BGN 10 420 000 for each occurrence/accident, regardless of the number of injured individuals;

“Motor Third Party Liability” covers the liability of the insured natural and legal persons for the property and non-property damages caused by them to third parties. The insured shall be liable for them in accordance with Bulgarian legislation or the legislation of the country in which the damage occurred.

24ins offers the best insurance deals from all insurance companies, the opportunity to compare quotes and pay for your insurance policy securely and quickly - online, in cash - by cash on delivery or in our office, by bank transfer, by payment card, by digital wallet, by PayPal, ePay or Bitcoin.

Territorial validity

Motor Third Party Liability insurance is valid for the territory of Bulgaria, the territories of the Member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area, as well as Andorra, Switzerland and Serbia.

In other countries, part of the system, the Green Card certificate is required. Since 1 January 2016, insurance companies issue it free of charge alongside the Motor Third Party Liability policy.

The certificate is mandatory for: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Tunisia and Morocco.

At 24ins, we will assist you free of charge when filing a claim or if you need further information over the phone: 0700 4 24 24, Viber, email: or via our direct chat channel.

Concluding Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

MTPL insurance is usually concluded for a one-year period.

For the convenience of customers, insurance companies also offer it on a deferred payment basis - so besides a single payment, the insurance can be paid in two or four instalments. When the instalments are more than one, a slight price increase is observed.

We will remind you again free of charge about the expiry of your policy - by the method of your choice: by a mobile phone call, by SMS or Viber message or by email.

We advise you, when deciding on insurance, to choose not only the best offer, but also a trusted and proven insurance company.

Price-determining factors

The cost of MTPL insurance is mainly determined by the type and technical characteristics of the motor vehicle: for cars and motorcycles the engine displacement is taken into account, for trucks - the total weight of the vehicle, for buses and vans - the number of seats in the passenger cabin... Other price-determining factors are the presence of other policies issued by the same insurer, year of manufacture of the vehicle, vehicle registration by region, driver's age, vehicle fuel type, etc. An increasing number of insurance companies have been taking driver offences in recent years into account by applying the system 'Bonus-malus'. The aim of the system is to make MTPL policies more expensive for drivers who have violations and have been at fault for traffic accidents. Drivers who have no accidents receive a price reduction.

For foreigners, it is possible to have an increase in insurance premium. It is also possible for the insurance company to refuse coverage.

Road vigilance is thus expected to increase at the expense of traffic accidents.

24ins offers the price premiums of the insurance companies and does not charge any additional amounts, on the contrary it strives to offer additional benefits to its customers - such as free - 24/7 service, personal profile of the policyholder, reminder of expiring policies and validity of documents, free delivery of policies paid in a single payment or in 2 installments. Delivery of a policy paid online is also free.

In case of a road accident

... or any other insurance related event, we are here to help.

• It is important to know that you need to complete a two-party protocol under the following conditions:

- Both parties involved in the accident agree whom was at fault;

- there are no injured persons;

- only two vehicles were involved in the accident;

- both vehicles were in motion and the damage was not extensive;

- no property other than that of the road users was damaged;

- none of those involved in the accident had consumed alcohol;

- you did not self-crash.

!You must notify the traffic police of the incident by calling 112 and record the number of the call in the report.

!In all other cases you should notify the traffic police and wait on the spot for a report to be issued.

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Do I need insurance?

The decision to purchase insurance is an individual one. While in the case of compulsory liability insurance, we are required by law to purchase it - in the case of voluntary insurance, the decision is solely up to the person or company taking out the insurance.

The decision to purchase insurance is strictly individual and depends largely on one's lifestyle, possessions, concerns and life experiences. We cannot make the final insurance decision for you, but at we can guide you on what insurance you need, which is the best offer for you, and fully assist you throughout the insurance period and beyond.

What insurance do I need?

Compulsory insurance products are taken out to protect those for whom we are responsible, hence their name is usually linked to the word 'liability'. Such insurances are: Motor Third Party Liability insurance, Work accident insurance, Lawyers' liability, Architects' liability, Constructors' liability, etc. Anyone owning a motor vehicle or practising any of the professions listed is required, apart from personal liability, by law to take out such a policy.

In the case of voluntary insurance, the answer to this question is individual to each person.

• Casco insurance will save you the hassle and loss of time in the event of an accident or theft of your vehicle.
• Property insurance - think about what could happen to your property. While less frequent, the risks to property owners remain high. Insurance covers the risks of fire, theft, earthquake, intentional or accidental unpleasant incident to your real property.
• Overseas Travel medical insurance - covers unexpected medical expenses when staying or travelling abroad.

Do I have to pay MTPL insurance for a car I don't use?

The obligation to maintain a valid policy arises from the registration of the vehicle. Regardless of the fact that you are not using the vehicle you are required to maintain a valid Motor Third Party Liability policy. To be exempt from the obligation to have insurance, the vehicle must be de-registered or suspended.

Where on the website can I find the general terms and conditions for the MTPL insurance of each of the insurers you work with?

There are no company-specific terms and conditions. The general conditions issued by the Financial Supervision Commission in Regulation 49 of 16.10.2014 apply. This regulation can be read here:

Can a person other than the owner of the vehicle purchase insurance on their name?

A motor third party liability policy can be purchased by another person, but it is issued in the name of the owner on the vehicle's registration card. In case the car is driven by another person most of the time, he/she can be listed as "Usual Driver" in the policy. This is not required for the policy to be valid.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with my insurance company? I have MTPL insurance for which I have paid the first instalment. Can I make a new contract with another insurance company?

You can take out a new Motor third party liability insurance policy only after the current one is cancelled. The options for cancellation are to wait for the 14-day grace period from the due date of your second instalment, then on the 15th day, the policy is automatically cancelled by the company. The other option is to visit an insurance company office and request cancellation.

In what cases can an existing Motor third party liability insurance be cancelled?

If your insurance is taken out on a pay-as-you-go basis, the company has the right to terminate it automatically if you have not made a payment within the statutory time limit or so-called "grace period", which is 15 calendar days from the date of the relevant instalment.

The insurance can also be terminated early in two other cases: if the vehicle registration is cancelled or changed. Deregistration of the car can be carried out in case of total damage due to an accident or theft, or in the case of scrapping the car it is necessary to return the registration coupons.

The other case of early cancellation is the change of ownership and registration of the car as a result of its sale. Upon sale, the insurance is not terminated and all rights and obligations under it are transferred to the buyer. The new owner is obliged to notify the insurer, submit the relevant documents (Purchase and Sale Agreement and/or new registration certificate) and has the right to terminate the insurance taken out by the old owner without giving a specific reason.

What should I do if I have lost my Motor third party liability insurance policy? I have a sticker on my car, but will there be a problem if I get pulled over?

If you are pulled over, it is advisable to carry the green card issued with the policy and the sticker. If you have lost it you will need to reissue it and replace the sticker.

Am I entitled to MTPL compensation in this case - my wife hit my car while she was driving? Both cars are on my name.

In this case you cannot get compensation under Motor third party insurance. If you have Casco insurance you can file a claim. However, there is a possibility that you will be denied compensation.

In the event of hail damage, does Motor third party liability cover the damage?

Unfortunately, hail damage cannot be covered by Motor third party liability. Motor Third Party Liability insurance covers accidents that you or another driver are at fault for causing while operating a motor vehicle and covers noneconomic and economic damages you cause to third parties. In order to be covered for damage to your car and to receive compensation, you must have a Casco insurance policy. This insurance is voluntary and provides coverage for hail and other natural disasters, fire, theft of the vehicle or vehicle’s parts, technical damage due to collision with another vehicle or other movable and immovable objects on the road, parking damage, etc.

What is the statutory time limit for payment of Motor third party liability claims?

The statutory time limit for final adjudication of a MTPL claim is up to three months (Article 496(1) of the Civil Liability Code).

What is the deadline for a decision on a Motor third party liability claim?

By law, the insurance company has 15 days to decide on a filed claim after all documents requested by the insurer have been submitted. Within this time limit, the insurer must determine and pay the amount of the claim or the sum insured or reasonably refuse payment.

If the risks covered by the insurance are greater, the company may require additional documents/evidence of the event and as a consequence the decision may be delayed, the deadline may not be more than 3 months. Provided that additional documents are required, the company is obliged to notify you of this within the stated 15-day period.

Are there statutory limits on the amount of recourse for auto damage?

The law does not detail the rates of compensation payable for a particular type of damage. Estimates are made by experts. If you believe the values are unreasonably inflated, you may file an objection to the amount of the damage assessment.

What should the objection against the insurer contain when the company does not want to pay compensation for non-pecuniary damage?

The objection should be in the form of a complaint in which you set out your reasons in detail and provide written or medical evidence in support. You are advised to consult a lawyer, preferably one specializing in Insurance Law.

Why am I denied MTPL insurance?

There are various reasons why you may be refused Motor third party liability insurance.

• You may have been identified as a 'risky customer' by the company concerned or be on their 'blacklist'. Usually these are customers with a record of a large number of accidents and damage caused or those who own a large number of cars.
• Another reason is that you currently have a valid and/or unexpired policy with another company, in which case it may not be possible to get a new policy. You need to visit the company and apply for cancellation.
• If the vehicle is mainly driven by foreigners, they may also not allow you to purchase a MTPL insurance. We advise you to check all the circumstances or ask for information from the company or intermediary that rejects you.

Why am I on some sort of MTPL blacklist?

For a variety of reasons, insurance companies inflate the cost of MTPL insurance by adding a percentage of individual owner's risk.

Can I purchase Motor third party liability insurance for a car with a foreign registration from a Bulgarian insurance company?

For cars with foreign registration that will not be registered in Bulgaria, you need to purchase Border Insurance. This insurance is only purchased directly at the offices or headquarters of the insurance companies without insurance intermediaries. Its term is from one to three months.

What should I do if I come home from abroad and my local motor third party liability insurance has expired?

You can purchase Border Insurance with a local insurer abroad. It is valid for about 1-3 months, but the cost is relatively higher than standard Motor third party liability insurance.

Alternatively, you can order standard MTPL insurance from Bulgaria to be delivered to you by courier. You can order it online; a bank payment of the policy and delivery costs is required in advance.

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