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About us






December 3, 2020

The first snow has already covered the mountain slopes. As a keen skier you have checked and upgraded your equipment. You have mapped out the slopes and locations to ski. Apart from the weather forecast, the equipment, your travel group and itinerary... is there anything else worth thinking about?

I'm going skiing! Do I need insurance?

The answer is YES! Sure, you may have returned home from the mountains happy and energized - pleased to find that you had skipped insurance and saved a few bucks.
Indeed, insurance is a product whose benefit we consider after a unfortunate incident. Have you seen the emergency snowmobiles flying down the slope and have you heard about rescue operations in the mountains? Initially, the injured don't think about their insurance. But once they get their medical bill, they remember about it. The costs for a rescue operation in the mountains and the medical expenses for a potential injury, can be worth tens of thousands of levs...

What is covered by my insurance with skiing accident risk?

The risks covered vary by insurance company and depend on the sum insured and the specific policy. The main risks you will find in almost every policy are:

• coverage of medical expenses up to a certain amount;
• coverage of evacuation and repatriation expenses;
• coverage of rescue expenses;
• temporary disability compensation;
• compensation for permanent loss of work capacity or accidental death.

You can compare coverages and compensation amounts on the 24ins online calculator.

On-piste and off-piste skiing

The risk of off-piste skiing, also called backcountry skiing, is much higher and this is the reason for the higher price of these packages. It is compulsory to have it stated in the policy that you will be skiing off-piste so that the coverages are valid in case of an accident. Fewer companies are willing to include this risk in their packages. When you search for a quote, make sure you specify that you want the said cover!

For Bulgaria and abroad

There is a difference in price and policies offered here too. Overseas policies often include additional cover such as 'theft and loss of baggage', 'legal assistance', 'transport costs' and 'personal expenses'. The price for overseas is higher, as insurance companies work with local partners, leaders in claims handling and accident assistance. In the policy information you will find 24-hour phone numbers to call in the event of an accident.

Annual or for a specific period?

You can decide according to the time you plan to spend skiing. If your total time on the slopes exceeds 2 months, it will be more advantageous to consider annual insurance. Of course, it all depends on the coverages and the sums insured.

Online insurance from

We love fast and simple services! We decided it was worth creating another one - for everyone who loves to do sports, including ourselves.

We expect more and more insurance companies to offer this type of insurance products.

You can compare the available policies by using our insurance calculator.

Like all our services, we have tried to make everything quick, simple and user-friendly. The Bulgarian legislation imposes some restrictions when offering financial services online, which we have taken into account in the process of ordering and paying for the policy. Once you have calculated and selected the most suitable insurance for you, you will be asked to enter your personal information and contact details - of yourself as the applicant and of the group of travellers in case a group is insured.
(Detailed information on the purposes and grounds for the processing of personal data by Broker Ins Ltd, the period of storage of personal data, the rights of customers in connection with the processing of their personal data by Broker Ins Ltd, as well as information on how they can be exercised, and any other information required by law, is contained in the privacy policy of Broker Ins Ltd, published on the website Once you have selected the method of payment and delivery of the policy, we will ship it to your address by courier free of charge or you can pick it up from our office.

Alternatively, there is an online delivery process, for which you will be required to complete and sign an assignment agreement. In this case, you can receive the policy at your email address as soon as the payment is accounted for. The policy will be valid from 00:00 the next day, so don't leave it to the last minute.

In the event of an accident and need for assistance

If you are abroad, you should contact the assistance company. You will find their phone numbers in the policy. You can contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be directed to the appropriate service or medical facility.
You can also call's 24-hour customer helpline for advice or guidance at any time - 0700 4 24 24 or text us - see the Contacts section.

Enjoy your favorite sports!

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