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Customer care

We offer competitive prices and insist on quality. We strive to ensure your insurance brings you a peace of mind and security, and that your claims are paid out quickly and without any fuss. Therefore we maintain such prices that guarantee the promises we make are fulfilled. Our clients appreciate how much time and stress they save when they use our services.

Informed decision

We want our customers to have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Our comprehensive comparison calculators present the most recent up to minute prices. We notify our customers free of charge days before prices change. In the event of an accident, our staff will advise you competently so that you do not miss any benefits.

Easy navigation

Every day our specialists strive to make the site navigation convenient and the order process quick. Our website is the result of hours of hard work, experimenting and testing. We put ourselves in your shoes - you get user-friendly menus, simple language and concise forms. We are always looking for your feedback on what else can be improved.


Most insurance service providers understand their business as reselling insurance, with price variations and possibly good service. For us, insurance is far more. It is a sense of human anxiety, risk assessment, understanding of irrational and irrational behavior. We are here to shake the stagnation of the insurance market. Our desire is to add more value to insurance and to make everyone understand its benefits.


We take the financial security of our clients seriously

Licensed insurance broker

The site is owned by Broker Ins Ltd. - a licensed insurance broker with permission 499-3B / 2006, registered with the Financial Supervision Commission.

When you purchase insurance through this site, you have a legal entity that is legally responsible for servicing your insurance policies. Our activity is regulated by the provisions of the Insurance Code. This is what sets us apart - it is clear who stands behind us and what responsibilities they have. We make sure you have someone to call in case of an accident at all times.

Absolute Transparency

+ You can check the validity of the insurance broker's license on the FSC website: + The validity of the personal data operator's license can be checked at

+ In case of suspicion of irregularity, you have the right to refer the Financial Supervision Commission and the Directorate of Insurance Supervision: + Insurance Code: + Consumer Protection Commission:

Protection of personal data

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, registration number 1197945

As you enter your personal data on the site, it is protected by reliable Internet security technologies - SSL, 128 bit encrypted connection, Verified by Visa technology

In case of trouble, we are available

+ national phone number, at the price of a local call: 24/7. + online chat help system: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:30. + nationwide partners offices + 24-hour telephone number for assistance in the event of an accident (for "Motor Third-Party Liability" and "Casco" insurance)

Information in connection with Art. 325 of the Insurance Code

1. Broker Ins Ltd. was registered on November 9, 1998. with company file № 12979/1998 of Sofia City Court with registered office and address of management Sofia, Triaditsa municipality, 3 Karnigradska Str.

2. By decision № 8 on the 23rd of March, 2000 and № 499-3B on the 21st of July, 2006 of the Financial Supervision Commission at the Ministry of Finance, Broker Ins Ltd. received the right to operate as an insurance broker. The registration can be checked at - Electronic register and card-index - Insurance brokers.

3. Broker Ins Ltd. does not directly or through related parties hold more than 10% of the votes in the general meeting or of the capital of an insurer.

4. An insurer or a controlling company of an insurer does not directly or through related parties hold more than 10% of the votes in the general meeting or of the capital of Broker Ins Ltd.

5. Complaints against actions of employees of Broker Ins Ltd. can be submitted to the head office of the company at: Sofia, 3 Karnigradska Str. or by e-mail at [email protected].

6. Complaints against Broker Ins Ltd. and against its employees may also be filed with the Financial Supervision Commission, Insurance Supervision Directorate at the address: Sofia 1000, 16 Budapeshta Str. or by e-mail at [email protected].

7. Broker Ins Ltd. does not perform insurance mediation on behalf of an insurer, but represents the users of insurance services.

8. Broker Ins Ltd. provides advice in its capacity of insurance broker regarding the insurance products distributed by it, according to art. 325a, para. 5 of the IC - based on a fair and personal analysis.

9. In carrying out its activity Broker Ins Ltd. receives remuneration formed as a percentage of the paid insurance premium. In some cases, in order to cover its administrative costs, Broker Ins may charge an additional fee.