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Casco insurance

To provide you with a comparison of the best offers for Casco Insurance, you will need to enter the minimum required information about the vehicle and the driver, as requested by the insurance companies. We take the confidentiality of your data seriously and store it in accordance with the law.

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Vehicle Data

Upload a photo of the Small driving licence OR manually enter the registration number and certificate number. In case you don`t have the Small driving licence, please use the "Vehicle Data" menu on the right.

Vehicle license plate * Please, fill in the field correctly. The registration number can contain from 5 to 8 characters - numbers and the indicated Cyrillic and Latin letters: А, В, Е, К, М, Н, О, Р, С, Т, У, Х.
Certificate 1 Number * Please, fill in the field correctly. Please enter a valid certificate number. The number consists of: 9 digits for the new format; Cyrillic letter and 6 digits in the old format.

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To obtain insurance for this type of vehicle, please contact us.

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Insurance coverage amount * Please, fill in the field Please enter an amount from 500 to 1 000 000 BGN

Enter the approximate value of your vehicle based on your assessment, average market price, or if you already have a determined appraisal from an insurance expert.

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Vehicle's owner data

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Owner's age * Please, fill in the field The owner must be at least 16 years of age

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Motor CASCO insurance

“Auto Casco“ provides complete insurance coverage for all land motor vehicles (including trailers and semi-trailers), regardless of whether the damages are caused by your fault.

The insurance is not mandatory but is recommended – unlike the Motor Third-Party Liability insurance, it covers risks, including but not limited to: theft of the vehicle or its equipment, fire, natural disasters, collision during a road traffic accident, or hitting while parked, and more.

The insurance is designed for individuals and legal entities who own motor vehicles with Bulgarian registration numbers and are normally domiciled in the Republic of Bulgaria.

If you have Motor Third-Party Liability insurance with 24ins, you will receive a discount on the price of the "Auto Casco“ insurance.

Insurance Amount

The insurance amount cannot exceed the actual value of the car at the time of concluding the insurance. It is determined based on provided data about the car`s make and model, manufacturing year, engine displacement, fuel type, kilowatts/horsepower, number of doors, and other technical characteristics.

In the event of an insured incident, compensation is paid proportionally to the actual value of the car at the time of the incident.

Territorial Coverage

The insurance is valid within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, Europe, and the entire territory of the Republic of Turkey.

Concluding Casco Insurance

After determining the insurance amount of the car, the insurance premium (policy price) is calculated. Then, a policy with a payment document is issued. The following documents are necessary for issuing the policy: vehicle registration certificate; for newly purchased vehicles: the invoice for its purchase; a valid roadworthiness certificate (Technical Inspection), proving the car`s condition at the time of policy conclusion.

With the issued policy, the vehicle must undergo an inspection by the insurer.

Before concluding the insurance, the insurer may require the vehicle to be equipped with an alarm/an immobilizer/a GPS.

The standard Casco insurance is concluded for a period of one year.

For the convenience of customers, insurance companies offer the option to pay in installments. When installment payments exceed one, there may be a slight increase in the price.

24ins will provide you with a free reminder of your policy expiration, through the method you choose: via email, a call to your mobile phone, аn SMS, or a Viber message.

We advise you to not only choose the most advantageous offer when concluding the insurance but also to opt for a reputable insurance company that you trust.

Price Formation

The payable premium for "Casco" insurance is calculated based on a tariff rate - a percentage of the insured amount for the respective vehicle. It is determined by the type of vehicle, its manufacturing year and the insurance coverage.

The insured amount for the vehicle is equal to its actual value. It is determined by the insurer based on the vehicle`s manufacturing year, current equipment, technical condition, mileage, and other factors.

!!! The policy becomes effective after an inspection of the vehicle by the insurer.

In the event of an insurance event

On occurrence or knowledge of such an event, notify your insurance broker to assist you and explain how to proceed in the future.

In the event of certain events, immediately notify the necessary state authorities: in the event of a fire or flood - the "Fire and Emergency Safety" service, and in the event of theft or robbery - the police and others.

For events other than theft - usually the insurer should be notified within 3 days.

In case of theft – the notification period is up to 24 hours.

In case of damage, it is important not to remove the damage before the inspection!

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What is "Casco" Insurance?

"Casco" insurance is a voluntary automobile insurance, designed to provide comprehensive coverage for all land motor vehicles, including trailers and semi-trailers, against various risks.

"Casco" covers total loss or partial damage to a motor vehicle due to:

• Traffic accidents

• Natural disasters,

• Fire,

• Malicious actions by third parties,

• Other events that may cause damage to the vehicle.

The insurance may include only some or all of the mentioned coverages. Most insurers offer additional coverages such as explosion, intentional arson, coverage for the vehicle's tires, etc. You can view and add them to your insurance on our tariff page under the "Add additional coverages" option.

"Casco" insurance can be taken out by all users of motor vehicles with a valid Bulgarian registration, and under certain conditions set by the insurer, it can also be obtained for vehicles with foreign registration.

To summarize, while Motor Third-Party Liability insurance covers liability to third parties, "Casco" insurance provides protection for your own vehicle in the event of various incidents. Therefore, if possible, we advise you to combine both insurances for more comprehensive protection of your vehicle.

Where is Casco Insurance valid?

Casco insurance is typically valid within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, in the member states of the European Union, and outside the EU - in the member states of the International Green Card Agreement.

Before selecting a specific insurance offer, we advise you to check the specifics that individual insurers have regarding the coverage scope for certain aspects like „Theft“, „Robbery“, etc., for specific countries. This information can be found on our tariff page under the particular offer from the insurance company - in the „Detailed information“ section, under the „Territorial coverage“ tab, or in the the documents under the „Documents“ tab.

Why should I take out „Casco“ insurance when I already have Motor Third-Party Liability coverage for motorists?

The two insurances serve different purposes. Motor Third-Party Liability insurance for vehicles is mandatory and protects third parties involved in a road incident, whereas Casco insurance provides compensation to the owner or driver of the vehicle in case of damage, theft, or total destruction of the car. In the event of a traffic accident, vandalism against your car by third parties, or other causes where you are at fault, Casco insurance will save you future expenses for service and other services.

In short, by taking out Casco insurance, you and your vehicle are much more protected on the road, saving you from potential troubles and future costs.

Is there a difference between „Expert evaluation“ and „Trusted service“ and what is it?

When you choose the „Trusted service“ compensation option, your vehicle is repaired at a trusted auto service of the insurance company with which you have Casco coverage. The insurance company is obligated to settle the bill with the service, which will purchase the necessary spare parts and repair the vehicle.

In the case of compensation through „Expert evaluation“, the insurance company assesses the damages to the vehicle and pays compensation to the policyholder. With this option, it is possible that the amount received by the client may not fully cover the necessary repair expenses.

If I forgot to pay the next installment for my „Casco“ policy on the designated date, is my insurance terminated?

Don't worry, payment for an installment on your „Casco“ insurance can be made up to 15 days after the date indicated in the policy (due date). The insurance will be considered terminated only after the specified 15-day period has elapsed.

If you take out "Casco" insurance in installments through the 24ins website, we will take care to remind you in a timely manner of each installment of your policy.

Is an inspection and photographing of the vehicle required when renewing the policy?

Usually, when renewing the policy with the same insurance company without a break in coverage, an inspection and photographing of the vehicle are not required.

If you have any other questions regarding the specifics of the insurance, feel free to contact us at the provided contacts on our website.

How to proceed in case of damage?

Reported damages to your vehicle can be of various types, resulting from specific road and weather conditions:

- in the event of a traffic accident , you should notify the Road Traffic Police (KAT) by calling 112. If the accident is minor (i.e., no injuries, the vehicles can move on their own, and there is agreement between the parties involved in the accident regarding fault), you can fill out a bilateral accident statement without the need for a visit from the Road Traffic Police;

- for damages that occur while your vehicle is parked and are not caused by malicious actions of third parties , you only need to inform the insurance company;

- in the case of vehicle theft, you should notify the police and your insurance company;

- in the event of a fire, report the damage to your insurance company and the fire safety service;

- for damages caused by natural disasters, inform your insurance company and provide an official note from the meteorological service.

Important!!! The deadlines for notifying the insurance company and relevant authorities are within 24 hours for vehicle theft and within 3 business days for events other than theft

What to do in case of an accident abroad?

We hope that unexpected events do not happen to you while you are on the road. However, if damage occurs to your vehicle during your stay outside Bulgaria, there are certain steps you must follow:

within three days of the incident, inform your insurance company, the local police, and, if necessary based on the type of insurance event, the fire department in the respective country.

If you have Auto Assistance, also notify the assisting company and follow the instructions provided to receive the necessary assistance.

Does it matter who is driving the car for taking out 'Autocasco' insurance and coverage of damages?

The insurance is valid when the car is driven by a legally competent driver, who may be different from the owner of the vehicle.

It is important to note that the insurer does not cover damages when the person operating the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Can a car with foreign registration be insured in Bulgaria with „Casco“ insurance?

A significant number of companies do NOT insure vehicles with foreign registration. However, following prior inquiry and approval, some companies may offer insurance coverage. Various conditions and requirements may apply, such as coverage under „Casco“ being valid only within the territory of Bulgaria, the owner of the vehicle being a Bulgarian citizen, and others.

If you wish to arrange insurance under the mentioned conditions, please contact us for assistance at the coordinates available on our website.

Be assured that we will do everything possible to assist you in obtaining the insurance coverage

We take care of the confidentiality of your personal data

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Effective as of 20/05/2018.

This website is owned by Broker Ins Ltd. and is administered by the Company in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the related legal framework, including, without limitation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

This document describes the manner in which Broker Ins Ltd. collects and processes the information collected by users through the website and through using the services offered on the website This document refers to the use of all services offered by 24ins. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not accept to use our services or any other aspect of our business.

The updates of this privacy policy reflect the latest changes in the Personal Data Protection Act and aim to provide a clearer idea to the users of how administers all personal data of the users.


This privacy policy applies to all products and services offered by Broker Ins through and our mobile applications This privacy policy applies to all products and services offered by Broker Ins through and our mobile applications

This Privacy Statement does not apply to any third party applications or software that integrate with the Services of or with other products, services or business of any third parties.


Personal information for identification

We collect personal information for identification from users in a variety of ways, including, without limitation, when users visit our websites, register on the websites, and in relation to other activities, services, features, or resources that we provide on our websites. Users may be asked for a name, email address, physical address, or payment information. We collect personal identification information from Users only if they voluntarily provide us with such information. Users may always refuse to provide personal information for identification, except where this may prevent them from performing certain website-related activities. We will never submit any personal information to third parties and will not use your name or company name in any marketing statements without your permission in writing.

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We collect information for identification that is not personal, from the users when they interact with our websites. Non-personal information for identification may include the name of the browser, the type of computer and technical information on how users of our sites may use it, such as the used operating system, internet service providers and other similar information.

Other information

Metadata - when users interact with our services, metadata is generated to provide additional information about how users interact with our websites.

Current records (Log data) - Our Services will automatically collect information when users access or use our websites or services and record them in Logs. The log data may include IP address, previously visited web page addresses, browser type and settings, time and date when the services have been used, browser and add-on configurations, data on language and cookies.

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Location information – will receive this information from users during registration, as well as from our partner providers, so that we can approximately find out your location.

Use of cookies

Our websites may use cookies to improve the user experience. The user's web browser places cookies on the hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes for the purposes of tracking information about them. Our websites may use cookies to improve the user experience. The user's web browser places cookies on the hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes for the purposes of tracking information about them. The user can choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies or to warn you when cookies are sent. If you do so, keep in mind that some parts of the website may not work properly.

How 24ins uses the data stored

For customization of the user experience, we may use aggregate information to understand how our users as a group use the services and resources provided on our website. In order to improve our website, we are constantly striving to improve the web services we offer, based on the information and feedback that we receive from users. Improvement of customer service. Your information helps us respond in a more efficient manner to your customer service requests and support needs. To administer content, promotion, research or other function of the website. To send information to users that they agree to receive on topics that we believe will be of interest to them. The email address provided by users will only be used to respond to their inquiries and/or other requests or questions. If the user decides to be included in our mailing list, he/she will receive emails, which may include company news, updates, related information about the product or service, etc. At any time, the user may wish to opt out of receiving further emails, as the unsubscription instructions are at the bottom of each email. If required under a law, legal proceeding or regulation. For billing, account management and other administrative matters. For investigative and preventive measures against misuse of websites. We use information about users from whom we have obtained consent for a specific purpose, which is not specified above. For instance, we may post references or include client stories to promote our services. We will always ask for consent before publishing any information for promotional purposes.

SHARING AND DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION will disclose or share information about users for the following purposes only:

  • User request: will share all user data based on the request and instructions of the user.
  • Legal compliance: Upon request from an authorized legal body, may disclose information about a user, which it deems as compliant with or required by the applicable legislation.
  • Enforcement: reserves the right to disclose information about a user in order to investigate, prevent or take action against any illegal activities, suspected fraud or situations that pose a physical threat to individuals.
  • Consent: may share user information with other third parties in cases where we have obtained the consent of the users to do so.
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  • Services through which users connect to their account: receives information when users allow services of third parties to integrate with our services. An instance of such a service is the use of Google identification data to log in to your user account in will receive the names and e-mail address of the user, as allowed by the user settings in Google. The information that receives when users connect or integrate our services with third party services depends on the settings and privacy policy controlled by the third party. We strongly recommend users to check in detail the privacy settings of all services from third parties in order to understand what types of data may be disclosed or shared with
  • Operational partners: works with third partners, providing information on payments, invoicing and technical services in order to deliver solutions to users. may share user information with these third parties in relation to their services.
  • Links to third-party websites: The services of may include links that redirect you to other websites or services whose privacy practices may differ from ours. What you send to these third-party websites is administered by their privacy policy and does not fall within the scope of the privacy policy of
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The activities of require our employees to have access to the systems that store and process user data. This is aimed at better service and rectification of any potential problems. For instance, in order to diagnose a problem that users may have with the services of, our employees may need access to your user data. All employees are prohibited from viewing user data for any reason, unless this proves absolutely necessary.


When users delete their accounts, there are different scenarios for how the data will be treated, as described below:

Complete deletion of data will occur after 90 days. Please read "Data Retention" below for further details on data retention for 90 days.

Users may at any time request the deletion of their personal data. If such request is submitted, the data will remain in the archives and operational cycle that we maintain to ensure that we will not store the data in the form of back up copies for a period longer than 90 days. Users may send an email to [email protected] in order to request the deletion of data. However, if Users request deletion of their data, we urge users to delete their account, as this will help initiate the process.

If deletes an account due to inactivity, the above scenarios will apply.


Storage and security of information uses hosting service providers in the USA, EU and Bulgaria to store collected information and we apply technical measures to provide all data. Regardless of the overall security measures and precautions that applies to protect data, no infallible security system exists and due to the nature of the Internet cannot guarantee absolute security of the data during transmission over the Internet or as long as they are stored in our systems or otherwise under our care. applies certain policies in the event of such situation and will respond to requests in that regard within a reasonable time.

How long we store the information

How long we store the information we collect from you depends on the type of information, as described in more detail herein below. Afterwards we will do our best to delete the information or, if this is not possible (for instance, because the information has been stored in recovery archives), we will securely store your information and isolate it from any other use until deletion becomes possible.

  • User account information: we retain user information for up to 90 days after deleting the account. maintains this practice for the following reason:
  • In the event that the user's account has been compromised and intentionally deleted. will help maintain and restore the data so as to solve the problem.
  • Account incorrectly deleted by users. In such case, will be able to recover user data.
  • Different data storage and backup systems have in place different policies as regards the retention period, retaining the information for a maximum of 90 days. For instance, database recovery archives are encrypted, incremental, and ready for recovery within 30 days. It is not possible to delete user data within 1 minute from precisely encrypted recovery archives.
  • If the user has initially requested to cancel his/her account, but has later decided otherwise. The user will be able to recover all data if an account is reactivated within 90 days of the initial deletion
  • may retain some of the user data if required to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements, support business operations and continue to develop and improve our services. When we retain information for the purpose of improvement and development of services, we take steps to remove information that directly identifies specific users and use group user behavior information only, without using personal or private information.

Information on promotions and marketing data

If users have opted for and given their consent to receive marketing, promotional and reminder emails from, we retain information about the marketing preferences of users, unless we have specifically requested to delete them. stores information received from cookies and other tracking technologies for a reasonable period of time from the date on which such information was received.


We do not collect personal information from children under the age of 14. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under the age of 14, we will take steps to delete such information as soon as possible. If parents and/or legal representatives of children find that children under their guardianship have provided their data to, please contact us at the contact addresses specified in this policy. We will delete the information as soon as possible.


We may periodically update our Personal Data Protection Policy. In the event of a change in this policy, a notice will be published on our website, as well as the updated Personal Data Protection Policy.




I agree to the processor of personal data at Broker Ins Ltd., Sofia, 3 Karnigradska Str., to collect, process, store and provide lawfully, in good faith and in a transparent manner my personal data, in the course of performance of any tasks related to the provision of the insurance intermediation service, in compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Personal Data Protection Act.
I am informed by the data controller - Broker Ins Ltd., about my rights as a data subject:
1. I am aware of the data identifying the controller, as well as of his/her contact details.
2. I am aware of the purposes of the processing of my personal data, as well as the legal grounds for processing thereof.
3. I am aware of the time period for which my personal data will be stored, as well as of the criteria used to determine such time period.
4. I am aware/ informed of my right to request from the controller access to correct or delete my personal data or to limit the processing thereof, as well as of my right to object to the processing and of the right to data portability.
5. I have been warned that the provision of my personal data is a mandatory / contractual requirement necessary for the conclusion of a contract, as well as the possible consequences if such data are not provided.
6. I am aware of the possibility of withdrawing my consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent before the revoking thereof.
7. I am aware of my right to appeal to the supervisory authority in the event of violation of my rights.
8. I am aware of the possibility to exercise my right to data portability to another controller when this is technically feasible.
9. I have been informed of my right to object to the processing of my personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, which includes profiling as far as same is related to direct marketing.
10. I am aware of my right not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing.
11. I have been informed that for the performance of my contract, information related to my personal data may possibly be provided to insurance companies, as well as to third parties, only when this is necessary for the provision of insurance intermediation services.
12. Any change in the requirements will be notified to the controller without delay.

Via mail: Sofia, 3 Karnigradska Str.,, for the Data Protection Officer

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