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What is Casco?

The voluntary insurance Casco provides full insurance protection for all land motor vehicles, including trailers and semi-trailers, whether the damage was caused by your fault or not.

Unlike MTPL insurance, Casco covers full or partial damages on your motor vehicle in consequence of:

  • Traffic accident,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Fire,
  • Theft/robbery,
  • Malicious actions of third parties.

Casco insurance may include some or all of the listed covers, some insurance companies offer additional covered risks such as explosion, arson, car tire cover and many more.
All motor vehicle users with valid Bulgarian registration can take out Casco insurance. Motor vehicles with foreign registration may effect an insurance contract by additional conditions from the insurance company.

Territorial validity

Casco insurance provides coverage on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. Depending on the insurance company by additional payment or without payment of additional premium, or with combining the covers of Motor Third Party Liability insurance, Casco‘s risks covered can be extended for abroad. Typically the outstanding covers can be used in countries, which are members of Green Card Agreement or European Union.

Forming the price

Like MTPL insurance, the price of the Casco insurance depends mostly from the type, brand and technical specifications of the motor vehicle. The price is determined individually and may vary according to territorial validity, presence of previous damages and the paid ones, or may depends on the payment method – one-time or deferred, although many insurance companies do not alter the original price by deferred payment.

Required documents to effect an insurance contract

To take out Casco insurance you need to submit:

  • filled document with motor vehicle owner data,
  • coupon conducted a technical review of the vehicle,
  • invoice for vehicle purchase (needed only when insuring new vehicle).

Payment in the event of loss

In occurrence of the event insured, the insurance company may pay the compensation within 15 working days, depending if you fulfill all the requirements of Casco insurance. This includes:

  • the vehicle registration document,
  • driving license,
  • insurance policy,
  • document, that proves the damages,
  • application for required payment,
  • coupon conducted a technical review of the vehicle.

To avoid payment delays, you need to read strictly the terms and conditions of your contract with the insurance company before and after take out Casco insurance. In the event of loss– immediately inform the authorities and fill your claim for payment within the period specified by the insurance company.